Technology and Livelihood Education encompasses the field of Home Economics (H.E.); Industrial Arts (IA); Agri-Fishery Arts (AFA); and Information, Communication. and Technology (ICT). The 24 TLE courses can be categorized under any of these fields.

TLE as a course has two streams—the TR-based TLE and the Entrepreneur-based TLE—and every school has a choice as to which stream to offer, with consideration for faculty, facilities, and resources. Both streams are based on the Training Regulations, but the Entrepreneur-based TLE embeds entrepreneurship concepts in the teaching of the various subjects in HE, IA, AFA, and ICT.

TLE is geared toward the development of technical proficiency and is anchored on knowledge and information, entrepreneurial concepts, process and delivery, work values, and life skills. This means that the TLE that works is one that is built on adequate mastery of knowledge and information, skills and processes, and the acquisition of the right work values and life skills. The TLE that is functional is one that equips students with skills for lifelong learning. 

TLE that is concerned only with the mere definition of terms is meaningless and shallow. TLE that is focused on mastery of skills and processes without the right work values is anemic and dangerous. An effective TLE is one that is founded on the cognitive, behavioral, or psychomotor and affective dimensions of human development. Therefore teaching TLE means teaching facts, concepts, skills, and values in their entirety. It is expected that TLE students, after using the Learning Modules on Entrepreneurship-based TLE, imbibe the entrepreneurial spirit and consequently set up their own businesses in the areas of Agri-Fishery Arts, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and Information and Communication Technology.

TLE by its nature is dominantly a skill subject; hence the teacher must engage students in an experiential, contextualized, and authentic teaching-learning process. It is a subject in which students learn best by doing. It is integrative in approach. For instance, it integrates entrepreneurship with all the areas of TLE. It integrates concepts, skills, and values.

Key Stage Standards in TLE

Grade 4

Basic concepts in Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and ICT, Home Economics, Industrial Arts to improve self and family life.

Grade 5

Increase knowledge in Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and ICT, Home Economics, Industrial Arts to improve family life and the community.

Grade 6

Enhanced and expanded knowledge in Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and ICT, Home Economics, Industrial Arts to improve family life and community.

About Me

Joel Hewe


Hi. I’m Joel Hewe, a teacherpreneur. I have more than ten years of experience in the development and implementation of educational programs. I am a highly motivated, results-focused professional with proven expertise in technology and livelihood education, innovation leadership, multimedia instruction, computer technology, website design and administration, and curriculum development. I communicate well with diverse populations in written, verbal, and presentation formats. 

My Educational Philosophy

To educate the children, you must cheer, inspire, and believe them.  Offer all options available in learning such as tools, information, and resources. I believe that providing an engaging, healthy, safe, and collaborative atmosphere is the key ingredient to successful teaching. 

My Educational Goals

  • To produce graduates who are competent and disciplined in promoting livelihood activities and improving life in the community. 
  • To develop young citizens who are self-reliant, and entrepreneurial on the different uses of technology and application of life skills.
  • To inculcate among children the necessary decision-making and technological skills which are important for entrepreneurial success.

My Teaching Method

Give the children a strong foundation on livelihood and technology-related activities by use of experiential learning also known as “Direct Method of Instruction”, or “Show and Tell”. This technique gives more opportunities for hands-on demonstration than a theoretical approach.

Limitless Success in Technology and
Livelihood Education

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